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The Open Biomarkers Journal is an Open Access journal, which publishes research articles, reviews/mini-reviews, letters and guest edited single topic issues on biomarkers in clinical, medical and pharmaceutical research. The coverage includes biomarkers of disease, new biomarkers, exposure to drugs, genetic effects and applications of biomarkers.

The Open Biomarkers Journal, a peer reviewed journal, is an important and reliable source of current information on the developments in the field. Emphasis is placed on publishing quality papers, making them freely available to researchers worldwide.

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microRNA-146a: A Biomarker for Epileptogenesis, Epilepsy Prognosis, and Treatment Resistance

Zachary O. Dent, Liam Chen

Recently, more attention has been paid to identifying biomarkers for epilepsy to direct a more personalized treatment strategy, especially for patients who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy which carries a much poorer prognosis. microRNA has emerged as an important and diverse type of biomarker that can participate in metabolic and cellular processes of the disease and, importantly, can be detected in patient’s serum. In this short review, we compile state-of-the-art evidence regarding miRNA-146a, a novel biomarker that shows high potential for studying epileptogenesis, monitoring disease progression, evaluating treatment response, and may even function as a therapeutic target given its role in the process of neuroinflammation.

January 20, 2023

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